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Mini review:Falling for Him

Falling for Him  by Anne Conley

After eighteen years of marriage, Amy has finally found a man to talk to, and it’s not her husband. She’s tried everything she can think of to put the umph back into her marriage, but when she meets Cool_Hand_Luke in a movie chat room, he validates her thoughts and opinions in ways her husband seems incapable of.

With the holidays fast approaching, Amy tries to hold herself together for her family, while simultaneously exploring her new online relationship. Will she meet him in real life? Or will she figure out how to save her own marriage? Find out in this Holiday novella from Serendipity, Texas.

My opinion:

I love so much this book.I dint`t know,when I first started what whose about.And dint`t know if like this book.But,OMG! It was awesome.

It was short,but it was perfect.Maybe if it was longer I wouldn't like it.This book present us a story about a marriage couple.There`re love was so intense in the beginning,but over the years that love it is not there anymore.The only question:Are they gonna to somethingt to bring that love once again  alive?

You gonna adore this book.The things that they do,without knowing it`s so funny but also full of passions.The only thing that I can say is that they are gonna fall in love once again.

I will like to see a movie about this book.I`m sure that everyone it`s gonna adore that.I`m so greatfull that i`ve read this bookHope you enjoy it just as I did.

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