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Mini review Haunted Chemistry

Haunted Chemistry
by Lindsey R. Loucks

When bookish college co-ed Alexis heads to the laundry room in her new apartment, she runs into Ian Reese, the chem lab partner she crushed on all last semester. And the guy who stood her up on their first date. But she’s down for an awkward reunion, and no better place than her creepy laundry room.

Ian has every intention of making amends, but just when Alexis begins to trust him again, a new threat calls more than their future together into question. A ghost from the apartment’s past is hellbent on revenge, and if he wants to get his girl, he’ll have to get the ghost first.

My opinion:

I receive this book for a honest review.And I just love it.The only problem.It was to short.I want it more of this book.

I can say it to much of this book,only that you have to read it.It will take you aprox. 30 minutes to read it.But it was so awesome.The chemistry between this two was so..Awwww..I like it so much.

Maybe the author will writte more about this too.For sure I will read it.

Thanks so much for the book.

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