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Review Ivy Entwined (A Somehing to Celebrate Novel)

Ivy Entwined (A Somehing to Celebrate Novel) by Laura Simcox 

When Ivy Callahan returns to her hometown as mayor, she doesn’t expect much to have changed. But now her ex-fiancé is the town planner, the biggest business is closed, and the only store interested in Celebration, NY is a Megamart. On top of it all, the liaison for the big, bad, box store is Marcus Weaver, her childhood crush. And he’s still as dangerously delectable as ever.

Marcus unwillingly spent his teens in Celebration with his vindictive, drunken uncle. As far as Marcus is concerned, the town’s only use is to cement his rise up the corporate ladder. He needs that Megamart opened, and Ivy is his ticket. But the sexy, stubborn mayor could also be his downfall.

As the unemployed townspeople put on the pressure, Ivy needs to do something. With a fresh downtown-renewal project in the works, Ivy could stop Marcus and his Megamart before they kill the town’s spirit. But with sparks flying between Ivy and Marcus, they each need to decide what’s more important: their careers or their hearts.

My opinion:

I love this book.I waiting from some book like this.And finally I found it.I finish it in 2 days.It was so fun read this book.

So, Ivy Callahan returns home as a mayor of the town Celebration.She run from this town in the past and from her fiancé,to find her self.But she returns home because her father needs her.

Marcus it is a boy who his mother died,and dint`t know his father.So he stays with his uncle who treats him nasty.He goes from Celebration to find himself and became a great man.So he returns in town with the proposal to build a Megamart.He knows that it will became the destruction of his hometown,but it seems to don`t care.

HE has a shock when he finds out that the mayor of this town it is not Ivy`s father,but Ivy herself.But,anyway he make the proposal to her and it will do anything to make it happened.But what he did not know it is that Ivy,many years ago had a crush on him.And it seems to continue now too.So it will take advantage on this,or things are gone change and fall in love?

This book it is so awesome,I dint`t expect to like it so much,because I thought it is a tipical story of love.It is but has more of that.Has that spark that captures you from the beginning.And the humor.I`m so in love with Ivy`s grandma.It is the funniest person on the book.I want a grandma like that.Anyway,you have to read this book.You will not regret it.


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