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Cover Reveal

✦¸.•*´¨✦¸.•*¨Suicide Mission✦¸.•*´¨✦¸.•*¨

Sara Schoen
Limitless Publishing
Releases June, 21st 2015


Sara Night lost her family three years ago in a car crash…
She tried to continue living a normal life, going to school, spending time with friends, and even trying to be a part of the family that took her in. She had almost gotten the hang of it, and moved past the suicide attempt.
Then she was torn away from her new family, her old life, and thrown into a world of guns, knifes, criminals, and where every mistake could get her killed. She was needed for what seems like an easy in-then-out mission.
That was until she got caught.
Sara then had to form an uneasy alliance with a cartel member to escape, which reveals her family’s car crash wasn’t an accident after all.
Is her new life worth more to her than revenge? 
Or will she die trying to figure out why her family was targeted?

Interview with the author

1. Tell us a little about your book.
Suicide Mission is about a girl coming from her hardships to make something of her life. It will be slow at times, and I know that will be a big complaint from readers, but I can't help it. It's her life, and that's what happens. It can't be action, and fighting right from the start, you need a story for why she's even considering it and risking her life. Without it, the book has little to say.

2. Who is your favorite part about writing? Least favorite?
Sara: My favorite part is to tell a story. I’m not only creating an escape for someone else, but I’m telling them a story with characters that hopefully feel like their best friends, because they are my friends and I. I can also point out a lot that’s happening to teens/in the world and have people relate to it or even change their mind on the topic. It’s like they get to know me through my work. My least favorite part, is that I think about how many chapters my stories will have and I get discouraged. It’s a lot of time that may mean nothing in the long run.

3. You're a very young author, can you tell us about that?
I published at nineteen with a story I wrote in high school, Amber Alert. It could definitely use a revamp since I have grown a lot since then, and I have Limitless to thank for that. They gave me the break I needed, and after hearing just so many "no" or "we can't accept your manuscript at this time" you get discouraged. They gave me a chance, and I think it's gone wonderfully. I've improved remarkably, more than I could ever imagine thanks to my editor, who teaches me as we go, and my writing partner, Taylor, who helps me improve with every story we work on. We work together to help each other, and so far we've accomplished so much since publishing. In under a year I've published seven books with Limitless, and have a five book series coming out with them. The first of which releases July 21st, Suicide Mission, the first book in the Guarded Secrets series. 
4. If you could choose what one message that a reader takes away from reading your book, what would it be?
I would want them to take away that your actions have consequences, it’s not always about what you want, and eventually you will have to think of others. It's something as small as being friendly that will save someone, and you don't know that until they live to tell you the tale. Suicide is a killer, and being a friend can save someone. My friends helped me, and you can help someone else.

5. Imagine a world where everyone wears a t-shirt that says something about who they are as a human being, i.e. “Doesn’t play well with others” or “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had coffee.” What would yours say?

Mine would be“I don’t give a f*ck. I’m going to be me and say what’s on my mind.” Don't do what I do, you'll lose friends (haha).
6. Who has been your biggest supporter in your writing?
My biggest support has been Taylor and our friend, Avery. She was the one that encouraged me to write, then when the books got popular online to publish it. Avery is the biggest cheerleader, she encourages me and inspires me. They tell everyone about my books, and thunderclaps, they’re amazing. My family supports me by buying books and reading them, I think my sister has read more this year than ever in her life. She’s read the entire Amber Alert series, Bad Publicity, The Dying Game, Waking up blank and everyone in my family is excited for the Guarded Secret series.

8. What writer do you admire the most and why?
I admire JK Rowling, she made a world for her readers. Everyone that read the books or watched the movies knew and went to Hogwarts with the characters. That’s just amazing to me! To touch the lives of literally thousands and thousands of people, and for her to do that is mind blowing and utterly amazing!

9. If you had only one book to read for the rest of your life what would it be?
I’d read a book on developing character traits and characters so I could continue to improve my writing as I do now with reading other published books. If I couldn’t do that I’d read a book that has multiple books in one. (HA Loophole!)

10. Favorite quote about writing, life or otherwise:
“I made the decision to not listen to the small mean voice that was telling me I wasn’t good enough. I decided to keep believing in myself no matter what.” -Rachel Platten

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