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Review Better World by Autumn Kalquist

Better World (Legacy Code Prequel)Better World by Autumn Kalquist
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

"What if quitting was the only escape?"

Ok, so i'm not sure what my feelings are regarding this book.. I'm a little confuse; i think more than a little. And maybe, because there are so many books and short storys connected to this series, that i don't know how to associate them with the original story, i mean the first book. There are so many characters, and the story line is similar but different at the same time.

So this book, aparently, it's two years before the Paragon story, the first book in this series. For me, honestly, it wasen't necessary. I didn't need it, i didn't have questions that were needed to be answered. So, i don't see the point of this short story. The only short series that i need, and i think that ansewer to all the questions i have, and others that have read this series, is DEFECT.
It was a little hard for me to connect with it because i kinda forgot the details about first novel, and the name of the characters. But, i finally caught up.
It wasn't a bad story, but it was not my favorite. I don't know... For me - to many details, tehnical details. And being so short i thought that it will be more about the characters and not so much about the world. And i still didn't get the ending. Like i sad, so confusing.

The only part that i liked was that not typical love story that i read about it so far. *And i know i have to read more of those storys. Hope, very soon* That is the only reason why i'm giving this book 2 stars.
My opinion?! It will be better if the author would stay focused on the original story, and not on the short novels. I mean, there are so many of those... i don't need them, i need the real story, the volume 3 of the Legacy Code.

"Come back to me, and ask me again...I'll say yes."

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