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Legacy Code (Legacy Code #1) by Autumn Kalquist

The last humans fled a dying Earth 300 years ago, but there was something they couldn’t leave behind: The Legacy Code.

Every colonist in the fleet carries mangled genes that damage the unborn, and half of all pregnancies must be terminated. 

The day Era Corinth is supposed to find out if her baby has the Defect, her ship suffers a hull breach. And it may not have been an accident. 

As the investigation unfolds, Era begins to question everything she’s been taught about the fleet, their search for a new Earth, and the Defect. But the answers she seeks were never meant to be found...

My opinion:

I’m still not sure if I like this book or not. I mean, I guess it was to short. When I was in this action and try to figured out what this thing is about, boom. The end! I think I’m glad that are more novels. Hope I found my answers in the next novel.

Well I have to say that it is kinda of original this book. It reminds me of the show Star-Crossed. And I’m not talking about the aliens, but about the world and the ships and much more. This book it is kinda a dystopia, and I have to give a plus on that because lots of people love dystopia.

I don’t think I have more to say about this because it was to short for me to get attached on the world, the characters or the action. The events are going to quickly and even I’m that girl who don’t likes the details, apparently this time I really need it.

Anyway, it is a summer quick read, and I’m pretty sure that the second novella it will be better then this one. So check it out. You have nothing to lose! :)

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