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Lock&Key by Cat Porter Blog Tour

A Contemporary Romance - Motorcycle Club
Releasing June 23, 2014

Book Description:
Love not only stings when you lose it, when it’s ripped away,
but when it first sinks its teeth into you,
it can cut just as raw and sting just as deep.
I had forgotten that.

Fifteen years ago I had survived my Old Man’s murder
and swore to myself never again.
Never again surrender my heart.
Never again sacrifice to the Club.
At least that’s what I always believed.
Then I had to come home,
and my past and present blew up in my face

Who holds the keys to betrayal? To suspicion? To trust?
To brotherhood? To family?
To a bleeding heart?
Right now, I just might.
Some of us have to get really dirty before we can become truly clean.

About the Author
I'm Cat Porter. I daydream all the time, 'what if' way too much, and am an incurable romantic. And I don't want to be cured of any of those. Ever. I've always loved to read, and always needed to write. I like to explore what bonds a man and a woman together- the very small things and the sort of epic, the glory and the mess. Oh yeah, plenty of crazy mess. Don't you think?

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: a Rafflecopter giveaway AUTHOR’S FAVROITE QUOTES FROM LOCK AND KEY PART 2 By Cat Porter “Everything unlocks with you, Grace. Anything good suddenly fits. You’re my key. I found you, and I’m not letting you go. Not ever. I’ve waited too long for you.” - Miller Cat: Sheer bloody poetry. His declaration of love and war in the middle of a horny crowd in a strip club. ___ “At least I’ll know when he fucks you tonight, I got in there first, and you’ll be thinking of me.” - Miller Cat: Harsh, here he’s hating himself, resenting her and feeling grief- for the first time in a long time- over the loss of her and the part he played in that. ___ “I got a club to run and a bike to ride. I don’t have time for this shit.” - Jump Cat: The Club President expressing his life’s mission in a nutshell. It cracks me up too, at the end of the day, Jump is a very no-nonsense, practical guy. ___ “We’ve got all night to make up for years of wondering about it.” - Butler Cat: He’s thrilled and relieved to finally have his shot with Grace. But it’s bittersweet and a bit heartbreaking for both of them because little do they know... ___ “I know what that’s like, working on it, making it good,” he said, his voice low, thick. “Half these assholes don’t know, don’t care, and that’s just pathetic ‘cause they have no idea what they’re missing. But you know, same as me. You know. It’s that treasure you’d keep shiny and safe at all costs,” he said. “That thing that drives you to be a better you, that pushes out the garbage you got stuffed inside. Once it’s in, it keeps out the cold and fills you with real heat.” He lit another cigarette. “I thought I had a shot at that again with you.” - Butler Cat: He’s really unexpectedly eloquent here about his sadness over his hollow life and missing his chance for a really good, true life with Grace.

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