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29 titles of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ from around the world

English: The Fault in Our Stars
Spanish: Under the Same Star
German: Destiny is a Lousy Traitor
Portuguese: Blame it Star
Italian: Blame the Stars
Indonesian: Blame the Stars
Dutch: A Flaw in Our Stars
French: Otherwise Our Stars
Czech: Stars Not Wish Us
Turkish: Under the Same Star
Bulgarian: The Fault in Our Stars
Swedish: Sooner or Later I Explode*
Finnish: Written in the Stars Error
Greek: The Wrong Star
Danish: A Gash in Heaven*
Polish: Stars of our Wines
Estonian: Guilt in The Stars
Norwegian: Fuck Fate*
Latvian: Our Stellar Fault
Bosnian: Error in Our Stars
Slovenian: Guilty Stars
Lithuanian: Because Our Destiny and The Stars to Blame
Serbian: The Book Which Made The Whole World Cry
Russian: Blame Star
Hebrew: Fault Stars
Thai: Star Talks
Icelandic: Written in the Stars
1. Chinese: Very Wonderful Pain*
2. Chinese: Life better Defect

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