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Review Pretty Little Things by Teresa Mummert

I was young enough not to understand that my life was different. Colin became the one person that I could count on to protect me. He suffered for the both of us by carrying the burden of our secret.

We were the lucky few that got a chance to start over. A fake family, a new home and a pretty little life built on lies. But while our lives continued to intertwine, we were put on very different paths. Now it was only a matter of time before they collide and the beast behind the beauty is exposed.

My opinion:

"We were the lucky few who got a chance to start over. A real family, a new home, and a beautiful life built on strength and perseverance. While our lives were brought together as victims, we stayed together as survivors. It was only a matter of time before our tragedy became a story of hope."

So, where should I start? OMG! This book… It is like reading over and over again Fifty Shades of Grey. And I mean that, because it was a super great story. Just drive into it and never fucking leave. It was that good. And also the cover… God I’m obsessed with her! ♥

I loved so much this story because it was so unique. I don’t think that I’ve read something like that ever. And for me it is important that. Because a great book has something that never book that you’ve read has.

So… Annie, or Annabel. That little girl how has suffered so much in her childhood, been away from her mother, not knowing where she is or what happened to her. I think that the cruel thing that can happened to you it is to know that you are alone in this world.
But still, being so little and fragile, she has that strong power to get through this things. She is that type of girl, who now has everything and still thinks to other people. Its that kind of soul how attracts broken people and they drowning in that kindness.

And first of this people is Colin. OH MY SWEET GOD. That boy/man… Just drives me crazy. That perfect broken boy, who falls so in love with Annie and even he knew that he will be never that sweet boy with her, he still's not giving up believe that they can be together. I can still hear in my mind that unique words: “little one”. Ohhhh… Just give me shivers down my spine. I love it. I love hard, broken bad boys. I’m a freak, I know, but still love Collin. Maybe I’m to accustomed to overprotection, but I loved so much how Collin always has the need to protect her. He’s the perfect man for her.

"I wasn’t sure I’d even be able to take her, but it wouldn’t stop me from trying. I needed her more than I needed my next breath."

And Jacob. That little fool boy who things that Annie is the one who can change and save him. I liked him as well, not so much as Collin, but still. It was nice to see that he wants what is best for Annie and that he like her very much. I don’t thing that he loved her… Between smoking pot and the other girl, Nat, he just thought that Annie is his salvation.

Also what I’ve liked about this book it that it was wrote from the perspective of three people: Annie, Collin and Jacob. It was nice to see everyone’s thoughts. Especially Collin. 
Oh, that boy killed me!

So, it is a perfect book that mixed pleasure and pain as well. You will discover the bad and the beauty of this world. Like the beauty and the best.
 So go and read this book if you haven’t already. It is that good. I've read it in one day. So… Happy reading! 

"We were fighters. The ones who were preyed upon while weak who came back stronger, fighting our way back to ourselves."

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