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Before the Fall Release (Final Book in the Broken Angel Trilogy)

Before the Fall (Broken Angel #3)
Lash remembered what Naomi’s grandmother once told him long ago: “There is always light where there is love.”

He kept those words close to his heart because they meant that the love between him and Naomi was destined.

With the binding ceremony behind them, Lash and Naomi have even more questions about their past lives as memories resurface and they discover that they were kept apart by the one person they had thought was their greatest ally—Archangel Raphael.

When the other archangels finally reveal the mystery of their ancient past, they uncover a story of lust, envy, betrayal, loss and descent into darkness.

In the wake of these revelations, will love be enough to keep their family together?

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Reader Reactions to Before the Fall

"What an amazing end to this book series." -FS Muerinne

"This final book in the trilogy blew me away...Reading how Lahash came to be was heartbreaking and seeing how Raphael treated him was worse." - Sandra

"In 1400 BC we see the first time the lovers of the series met from Raphael and Rebeca and Uriel and Rachel and of course we solve the mystery surrounding Naomi, Lash, and Jeremy and how both brothers fell for the same woman and what caused their tension." - Book Junkie Girls

"I loved the first two but honestly this one is my favorite. Grab your tissues this has strong characters and an incredible story to go with them." Michelle

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Kindle | Nook | iTunes | Kobo
US Amazon | UK Amazon | CA Amazon | AU Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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