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Review Delicious (The Delicious #1) by Dora Sky

I met him at the bakery store where I work. The moment I saw him I knew he was trouble. It was written all over his gorgeous face. When I laid my eyes on his body, my heart started beating in double beats - everything about him screamed bad boy. I wanted to stay away from him but deep down I was dying to explore every inch of his muscular body. He tempted me and I fell under his spell without thinking it further. How can you not fall for someone who loves fudge cake? Ladies, a man who knows how to seduce you with sweets is not a keeper, he’s a sinner…

My opinion:

I receive this book in exchange for my honest review. And like the most book that I;ve read this year, I didn’t read the description and I didn’t know what to expect. But I have to say that I love it so so much. It was so great. And like the title, it was delicious.

It was different from the rest of the books that contains sexual explications. And also the actions was very unique.

I see my self when I’ve read about the girl. So antisocial, so into books, and more she loves Christian Grey. I was so surprise to read that. It is nice to see that are still people out there who prefer to read a book than to go in clubs and get drunk.
The idea of she meeting him in a  bakery store it is so sexy. And that because I love so much sweets.

I love that chemistry between Jenny and Ernest. They are so cute and sexual good together. And when I wanted more of theme, boom, the book is finished. WTF? It just make me more addicted and that because of the ending.

Now, I’m anxious to see how things is going to be between Jenny and Ernest. And more to see about that ending that make me so confused.

I recommend this book because it was fun to read it, and because, even if is s short story you will fall in love with the characters. It’s like pure life in this book, not fiction.:)

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