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PAN'S CONQUEST Blog Tour - Guest Post

About the Book
Author: Aubrie Dionne
EBook: 119 pages
Release Date: February 24, 2014
ISBN: 978-1622663460
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Syrinx pulled a fast one on Pan to escape his raging lust. The God of Chastity wasn't about to break her vows and succumb to his temptations. Transported to the twenty-first century, she runs a florist shop—fulfilling her fake, mortal life. Until the breathtaking Parker Thomas hires her to decorate his grand estate for a gala. Five hundred roses? Easy enough. Except Parker makes her feel things she can't ignore...

As the God of Fertility, Pan is used to maidens flocking in droves to his pastures. So when Syrinx denies him, he's determined to win the one that got away. He poses as a mortal to get close to her, but he doesn't count on falling hard for his conquest—hard enough to make a life and stay.

But Syrinx is falling in love with a man that doesn't exist. Can Pan hide his identity forever, or will the truth tear them apart?

About Aubrie: 

Author and flutist in New England. I teach flute at a university and a community music school. Represented by Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency. Writes for Entangled Publishing, Inkspell Publishing, Spencer Hill, Lyrical Press, and GSP. My short stories have been featured in Mindflights, Niteblade, Silver Blade, Emerald Tales, Aurora Wolf, A Fly in Amer, Moon Drenched Fables and various anthologies.

Top 5 Goddesses

I’ve been asked to write a post about Goddesses in honor of my book Pan’s Conquest which just released this week! My book features the Goddess of Chastity, Syrinx. We are all our own goddess of something, and I’d love to hear in the comments section which goddess everyone following this blog is. I consider myself the Goddess of Impatience! Or perhaps, the Goddess of Procrastination!
In honor of Goddesses, I’d like to share my top five goddess’s with you and why I chose them:

#1. Gaia : The personification of Earth. Gaia is the great mother of all, creator and giver of birth to Earth and its universe. I like to think of her as mother nature. If she were here today, she’d definitely be an environmentalist. I’m dreaming up a book about her as I write this blog.

#2. Athena: The goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. So she’s basically good at everything. I especially love how this goddess is a strong and smart woman who led troops in battle. How cool is that? Out of all the goddesses, I think I’d chose to be Athena.

#3. Aura: The divine personification of the breeze. She is depicted as a billowing sail in an overhead arch. Not only does she have a cool name, but I’d like to think she can transport herself in an instant, reappear and disappear. The breeze can be warm, but it can also be icy cold and fickle. I can only imagine what her personality would be like! Probably tempestuous.

#4. Hebe: The goddess of youth. Even though her name is kind of funny, think about the power she has. In mythology, she grants a god’s wish to become young again in order to fight a formidable foe. So she’s the fountain of youth. She’ll probably never have wrinkles, and her metabolism will never slow down- like mine when I reached thirty. I used to be able to eat a whole bag of cookies, and now if I eat one, it goes right to my belly.

#5. Syrinx: The Goddess of Chastity. I’ve always liked Syrinx because of the flute solo I play by Debussy. You’d have to hear the solo in order to fully appreciate it. You can listen here on you tube:

It’s sad, longing, mysterious- the music made me wonder exactly what Syrinx was thinking. As the story goes, Syrinx turns herself into a reed to avoid Pan’s temptations. Pan cuts the reed and makes his flute. The story is a sad one, and has always stayed with me over all these years- enough that I decided to make my own ending and give them both a HEA (Happily Ever After.) Please check out my book, Pan’s Conquest, available for a limited time for only $.99!


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  1. This book sounds great and I am excited to read it. I love Mythology and look forward to seeing how it plays out here. Thanks for the giveaway!