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Book quotes: Luke by Diana Bocco

"He looked just as gorgeous as she remembered, the broad shoulders and chest pushing against the fabric of his shirt, revealing the cut muscles underneath. Even though he was completely clothed, she could always tell there wasn’t a soft spot in his body. If anybody she knew had hit the genetic lottery, it was certainly Luke."

"If anything, the year apart had only served to fuel the buzz hissing between them. And boy, was it hissing. Hot and ready to boil."

"Maybe all he needed was a chat with Cailin to set things straight.
And while his body was pulsing for a lot more than talking, he promised himself he’d be on his best behavior.


“I’m going to hell for this,” he whispered to himself;

He suddenly couldn’t resist the need to touch her. And he was tired of resisting anyway.

“What are you doing?” she said, and her voice came out raspy and low.

“Building my own road to hell, I guess.”


“Let’s make sure it’s worth it,” he whispered and reached for the back of her head."

"I’ve been thinking since last Christmas about all the ways and places I could have you.” He bent down so his lips were against hers again. “All the ways I could make you scream and beg for more.”

"This was all a very bad idea. 

Which was exactly why he was going to pursue it. The challenge was just too tempting not to grab it."

“Maybe we should go back inside.”

“Inside... Now that’s a word I like...”

"And now he wanted more. More of her body, but more of her too. Her mind, her soul."

“God, you look beautiful.”

She was suddenly aware of how naked she was, in every sense. “I’m not even wearing makeup,” she almost apologized.

The look in his eyes showed everything but displeasure. “You’re not very good at taking compliments, are you?”

“You have the capacity to leave me speechless.”

She could hear the smile forming on his lips. “Impressive.”

"Maybe one day they would be able to look back on it all and laugh about it. 

At the moment, hope was wonderful enough."

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