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Publicity Campaign:An Ill Wind Review

Gabriella Berryngton is an unhappy and oppressed fourteen year old girl from the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1683. She dreams of escaping her bitter, ambitious stepfather and sailing off into the unknown. 

Her dreams come true when her stepfather sells her into marriage.

Aboard the Freyja, she is hopeful that her new life in the Dutch West Indies will be an improvement – a hope that dies when she is given a slave (Klara) and a whip. She discovers that her soon-to-be father-in-law is a ruthless slave trader in league with pirates, and her fiancé is cold, unfriendly and disinterested in Gabriella. She is little more than a vessel to provide the next generation.

Largely ignored and desperately unhappy, she and Klara develop a friendship which makes life bearable – at first. Once married, Gabriella's life takes a turn for the worse and she descends into a world of horror and abuse, until tensions explode. Life will never be the same and she has no choice but to take fate into her own hands.

My opinion:

I receive this book from the author.And I was so happy to read it.It is a wonderful book.I love books like this one.

There are so much to say about this book.Many,many things. Probably,you`ve read the description of the book.Most of you don`t want read it,because it is not fantasy,or something like that.But it is more than that.It is about the pain that women have to endure in 1660,in England.To marry a guy that you haven`t see it and most of it to not love you or  appreciated you .It is hard.Many of was you don`t figured how this will be for us if where in there places. I have endured?Have I died?

So this book,like I said present us the live of Gabriella,a girl that has 14 years old.She is sold be her father for marriage.She has no choice.But she is thinking,that maybe,there ,with her new family it will be more fine and she will escape for her father abuse.

But she is so wrong.There she has no friends,or family to support her.The only friend it is her slave,Klara.Soon she will find out that it has better with her father and mom.

This book is about this years when a women idea,her feelings, emotions doesn`t metter.Is about a cruel, savage world.When only mens opinion metters.Marriage for love doesn`t exist.

Only money and power.

It is a different book and lovely one.It`s about to live in a world of power,and loneliness.The author`s thoughts are so smoothon paper.They are so wonderful to read.It is a book that I want so much to see here,in Romania too.I`m sure that every one will love it.

And who can you not?Just take a look on the cover.I have the book with the old cover,but the inside book metters.

Again thanks to the author for written this amazing book and for provide me and for one more person a copy of the book.

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