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Mini review:The New Guy

The New Guy  by Lavinia Marksman

For twenty-two years, Betty DeBlanc has been a hard-working, long-suffering legal assistant. She’s a professional of the highest order, to the point that she’s sacrificed her own happiness for the good of her bosses and colleagues. She’s all but resigned herself to the fact that she may never have the business, or the romantic relationship, that she’s long dreamed about.

Until, that is, a new guy named Jason joins the firm. From the moment their eyes meet, both are transfixed. Despite feeling like a cougar, as she’s old enough to be his mother, Betty finds a connection with Jason that she never dreamed possible. He awakens something inside of Betty - something that’s not only powerfully erotic, but absolutely life-changing. In Jason, Betty finds a romantic adult relationship that boldly crosses boundaries of age and society. But, will she allow herself to be swept up by such a daring workplace romance?

Erotic and deeply moving, “The New Guy” is the first installment of the Beautiful Betty series, which will take you on a realistic journey of romance and inspiration.

Come along on the first of Betty’s adventures as she discovers that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams, and have a lot of steamy fun while doing it!

My opinion:

OMG!I just finish reading this book.It took me 25 minute :O.But it was so beautiful.I enjoy this book so much.The only problem is that is so short.I want more and more and more…..

Ok so maybe is a erotic book,but…You will love this.Not just because Jason it`s so tall,handsome,blue eyes,sexy young man.No.Ok..maybe more for this but the action and everything that it`s happened there is great.A great story.The only thing that bother me is that is to short.I mean,I want more sexy flirt between this two.That is the only thing negative about this book.

But, hopefully,it will be more of this two.Maybe,more action,fight not only sweet things.
So you have to read this mini book.It`s amazing.

And,I want to thank the author for give me the chance to read this book.Maybe,when she will writte more oabout Jason and Betty she will gave me to read that to.And just for you know…I`m waiting!:)

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