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Underground (Secrets, #2)

My smile is timid when I say, "I trust you. Jesus, you've proven over and over again I can trust you, but you're wrong. I don't just like Tope and I don't just like you. I love you both, and it's the kind where I hurt when you hurt. Right now… me and Tope… we need each other. Later, I'm not sure. I can't think about that… or… or I won't be able to survive today." - Emily Riddle to Noah Babineaux

I love this interaction between Emily and Noah because it's the moment where the reader sees that Noah's hard work is paying off. He's proven time and time again that she can trust him, and this is his reward for his sacrifice.

a. Quote Two:

"I want you, Em. I want you more than I want to breathe, but I'm not gonna force you to do anything. I'm just not. You get enough of that at the commune," he says hoarsely. - Tope Bryson to Emily Riddle

Emily lives in a world where - as a woman - she's not given options. These very simple words are powerful for her because men within the commune are notorious for taking what they want. They don't ask for permission. Tope does.

b. Quote Three:

"I want you to know there will always be someone who cares if something happens to you. There will always be someone who'll be waiting for you when you get out of there. Just remember that when you have these bad moments. And there'll be plenty of them. At night, you can call me. We'll read, and you can tell me anything," Tope says with such sincere tenderness that my chest burns. - Tope Bryson to Emily Riddle

Emily's undercover, and her life is getting harder by the day. Tope's tenderness here is meant to motivate her and let he know that he's there for her and that he will not judge her no matter what she's forced to do in order to survive within the commune.

c. Quote Four:

Owen chuckles his good ol' boy chuckle, the one that enamors the people of the commune. "Noah, a man always has choices. Problem is… not all of 'em are good ones." - Owen Riddle to Noah Babineaux

Owen is a total ass. Only he would give someone two terrible choices, make them pick one, and act as if he's just done them a favor.

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