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Interview with Jennifer Edlund author of Forever Blue

1.Please, tell us your name, the city you are born.
My name is Jennifer Edlund. I was born in Northern California in the city of Roseville. I am a Scorpio-- spiritual, and very in touch with the universe and my astrological sign. My elemental sign is water, so the ocean holds my heart and is my favorite place to relax and commune. In the near future, I plan on making my home somewhere in Hawaii.
                                                 2.How old were you when you wrote the first book?

I wrote my first children's picture book when I was seven-years-old and it won second place at the Orange County Fair. I grew up being a voracious reader, so it was a natural step to turn my interest to writing. When I was 13, my dear grandfather handed me a brand new plaid covered journal and said, “Write your heart out.” Little did he know how that simple gesture would change my life. From there on, writing was in my blood, an addiction that fueled my passion for the craft. I started writing seriously when I was 17. In 1999, during the summer of my junior year, I discovered my desperate love for writing when I began attempting fan-fiction. At that point, I was hooked, but had not yet thought of it as a career.I write because I must, just like you must breathe, must eat, and must live. For me writing is release, it's pure, unadulterated joy.
                                                       3.Your favorite books?

I adore paperback books, audio books, Chris Isaak, Hugh Jackman, The Backstreet Boys, cooking, Castle, The Food Network (especially Chopped) Maui, and Karaoke, cooking great meals, and good food.
                                                              4. Who inspired you to write?

In 2004, I met best-selling author, Nicholas Sparks—and that was the pivotal moment when I was inspired to write my own novel someday.

I published my first novel, Forever Blue, in 2011 with Amazon, which was followed by the sequel, Forever Blue: New Tears to Cry, Old Songs to Sing, in 2012.

My blog: Edlund101-I Teach Women How Men Think was named one of the top 50 influential blogs of 2010. My third novel, The Experiment, set to be released in March 2013, will incorporate many of my relationship articles.

                                                                 5.Future projects?
I am hard at work finishing up my fourth novel.

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