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Interview with Angela Carling author of Becoming Bryn

1.Please, tell us your name, the city you are born and the books you write.

My name is Angela Carling and I’m the author of three Young Adult novels, Unbreakable Love, Shackled, and my latest, Becoming Bryn. I was born in Los Angeles California but raised in a resort town called Palm Springs where all the Hollywood movie stars hung out on the weekends. It was a really unique place to grow up.

2. How did you become a writer?

It’s kind of a cool story. One of my sons was really struggling in school and he told me that “I’d never done anything hard like he was doing.” Oh yeah, like childbirth was easy!

So, instead of correcting him I realized that by the time he was born I was done with college so he’d never seen me struggle in school like he was. I’d always want to write a book from beginning to end so I promised him if he would do his best in school I would write a book and try to get it published. Seven months later, my first book, Unbreakable Love was complete!

My son also survived that year in school and is now in High School!

3. Who inspired you to write?

Other than my son Kyler, I have several authors including Madeline Le Engle that inspired me to want to create amazing stories.
4. How old were you when you wrote the first book?

I tried writing my first book in college but gave up when I couldn’t think of a good ending. Then I got married and had kids and barely read let alone wrote anything for about fifteen years. Finally, in 2011(after promising I would) I wrote every night for about an hour and finished Unbreakable Love. Sometimes timing is everything in life

5. Your favorite books?

No fair! That’s like asking which of my three kids is my favorite. I love most YA, especially contemporary! I loved The Hunger Games and recently Ally Condie’s Matched trilogy, but my favorite book is a little obscure book by Meg Cabot called Victoria and the Rogue.

6. What inspired you to write  Becoming Bryn ?

I think sisters have a really unique bond and I was thinking about how much worse it is to be betrayed by your sister…even more than your BFF. Also, one of my favorite movies is It’s a Wonderful Life because the main character gets to see what his friends and family would be like if he was never born. Between those two concepts..Becoming Bryn became a story of love, family and the ultimate sibling betrayal!

7.A message for your fans?

The biggest message, I APPRECIATE YOU!!! Putting my stories out there to be read is scary sometimes, but when you (one of my fans) read one of my books and love it, it inspires me to keep writing, so thanks for your support! I <3 you all!

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